Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a new trend whereby employees are allowed to bring personally owned mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops) to the workplace. Using their own devices, employees can send and receive enterprise emails, access enterprise resources, and handle business anywhere, anytime.

As a new office model that accommodates employees' preferences and work habits, BYOD is growing in popularity around the world. The trend is driven by ever-increasing Internet usage coupled with the seemingly daily advances in smart device computing capabilities and improved touch experience. The rise of BYOD marks the advent of the personalized mobile office era.

BYOD is personalized, mobile, and intelligent. With BYOD, people's life and work will be connected through a diversity of smart devices. Office work is no longer confined to traditional PCs in offices. BYOD has become an influential trend that is dissolving barriers between work and life and offering a fresh new office experience.

What Benefits Does the Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution Bring Your Enterprise?

By leveraging its expertise and full series of products in the security, networking, collaboration, and device fields, Huawei has launched the Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution for customers worldwide. This solution helps governments and enterprise customers access a wide range of applications and handle important business anytime, anywhere, and from any smart device. The resulting benefits include increased work efficiency, innovative marketing models, and increased customer satisfaction.

Increased work efficiency

With the Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution, enterprises can quickly create a secure, efficient wireless network environment and roll out mobile applications that best suit internal operations. Managers can promptly handle service requests (such as approval requests) and other pressing tasks at fragmented times, ensuring that business proceeds smoothly. Employees can respond to direct and tasks given by managers more rapidly than ever before.

Innovative marketing models

More industries are carrying out customer-facing marketing activities via mobile devices. The Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution adapts to such industry trends by enabling innovative marketing models. This solution offers secure remote access and mobile device management (MDM) services and enables enterprises to customize mobile applications that are aligned with their business processes. This solution also methodically addresses issues facing the shift from "mobility in solution demonstration" to "mobility in service handling."

Increased customer satisfaction

Smart devices have become a part of people's daily life and usage is increasingly transplanted to the workplace. Compared with similar applications on PCs, some applications on smart devices are easier to operate and deliver a better user experience. With the Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution, enterprises no longer need to ask their employees to adapt to complex enterprise applications. Instead, employers deploy selected applications onto the smart devices of their employees including the ability to recognize employees' preferences and habits. This ease-of-use and versatility allows employees to be more comfortable and leads to greater adoption of enterprise applications.